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Singing Bowl Granola

Singing Bowl Granola is the result of a lifelong passion for healthy, sustainably produced food and caring for people and the planet.

Singing Bowl Granola started as a means of creating flexible employment at a time when I found myself caring for my young family and ageing parents. As a member of the sandwich generation, I needed to be available any time any day to care for those I loved.

SBG is available in stores across Vancouver Island, and we ship to anywhere in Canada.


In the spring warmth of 2019, three best friends with a passion for food, sustainability, and positivity, knew there had to be a better way to snack.

Our journey began by empowering chickpeas to realize their flavour potential. Pairing these healthy, nutritious beans with homemade sauces PACKED with unique flavours. Slowly dipping our feet into the market wasn’t in the cards. Friends, and farmers market attendees alike consumed our creations faster than we could have imagined. 

Here we stand, at a cross roads of a sustainable food product, a community driven food program, and a city full of hummus enthusiasts. What’s next for Justo’s? Stay tuned.

Food On the Run

We are a Mexican family leaving here in Victoria. Our family business is striving to become an all-natural and authentic Mexican food to achieve delicious products. We are self-sufficient regarding our main ingredient (corn) by milling it ourselves to assure its nutrition value and flavours of old Mexico. We also believe in innovation, that is why we added flavour to corn tortillas as something new from the normal but still delicious.
We seek natural and nutritious corn products as an end result, so when you as a consumer know you are eating healthy.

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