The Story

Moon Organics was conceived as an idea in early 2016 by Barbara Carrillo and Duncan Stanway. Both born in Santiago, Chile, grew up enjoying many different types of Fruits and Vegetables which are staple Flavours of local diets, and grow amongst the diverse ecology of the Andes Mountains and surrounding climates.

Now in Canada, we began searching for such ingredients and realized they were very rare and basically non-existent in the market, with the exception of very few Natural Products Stores and International Produce Markets. We saw an opportunity to bring these Flavours to Canada. Almost overnight we delved into the Freeze-Dried Powders and Extract Powders industry and learned that Nutrients and Flavours can be preserved and stored for long periods of time in Powder form. That seemed like a great starting point for a food processing business. Around that same time we were introduced to the potential benefits of Edible Mushrooms, based on Ancient Medicines practiced and carried on for centuries, as well as ingredients used in Ayurveda and Indigenous diets around the world.

With all this information and countless powder ingredients we started Mixing them like Mad Scientists to push our own boundaries of Flavour and Nutrition. Trust me when I tell you that some of them looked horrible and tasted even worse!

Today, all our Effort (including our mistakes), Knowledge and Research form a strong core for our Products and Our Beliefs. We strive to create deliciously innovative blends that anyone can enjoy and to push the boundaries of Flavour and Nutrition even further every single day.

The Masterplan

Moon Organics is based in Beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada!

Our mission is to create Delicious and Nutritious Powder Blends that are easy to include in any diet, on a daily basis!

Our Powder Blends contain different Flavours from around the world + ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda diets.

We are constantly exploring the unknown boundaries of Colour & Flavour to find the ultimate combinations that are synergistic, compelling and irresistable!

At all times in this process, we pride ourselves in maintaining a responsible and personal relationship with our Customers, Partners and The Earth !

Enjoy! :☽

Our Partners

In a constant effort to Blend the best ingredients possible, we need to find great suppliers who share the same philosophy of quality and sustainability as Moon Organics, this is no easy task. The landscape for a small food processor presents many challenges, among them, Large Minimum Quantities required to obtain high quality ingredients, Differences in Organic Certifications between Countries and/or Provinces, Dishonest or Negligent wholesalers that ship expired or low quality ingredients, Fake / Altered Certifications or Nutritional Information.

The safest way to mitigate all these challenges requires constant monitoring of ingredients. At Moon Organics, every ingredient is lab tested for Pesticides, Heavy Metals and harmful microbes that might compromise the quality of our products and/or safety of our customers. We also consume the ingredients for a full week ourselves, to compare them to our best ingredients to date for Weight, Mass, Colour, Aroma, Taste and Solubility. This way, Moon Organics keeps detailed records, enabling us to identify key components of quality and offer suppliers invaluable feedback to always demand the best ingredients. We are also able to confirm high quality and safety by comparing the Certifications suppliers send attached to every shipment with the lab tests.

 By consistently following the above steps for risk mitigation, we have been able to secure honest and reputable suppliers for each of our ingredients. Currently,  we feel very confident in our capacity to pick and choose top quality ingredients. We are not perfect by any means and we are very aware that mistakes can be made by all parties involved. Our promise is that we will take every possible measure to mitigate the risk to our customers, including consuming each ingredient ourselves, to properly attest to its purity and quality.


The Moon Cycle

We are committed to delivering the best product based on Quality of Ingredients, Customer Support & High Standards of Sourcing and Production Safety
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